Marketing Cape Cod Real Estate

Marketing Cape Cod Real Estate with Unique PropertiesWhen you choose “Unique Properties” to be your Realtor, you know that our dependable associates are working hard for you every single day. We pride ourselves on our marketing strategies and will work with you to discuss a marketing plan that surpasses your expectations.

Unique Properties provides multi-level advertising, including ~

  • Cape Cod Multiple Listing Service
  • virtual home tours
  • open houses
  • daily, weekly and monthly written publications and newspapers
  • many other marketing strategies.


We acknowledge the fact that you might prefer written publications and we are happy to meet your needs with frequent advertisements in the local newspapers and publications.

We recognize that the introduction of the Internet has had a direct effect on real estate. Many customers begin their search online if only to acquire an efficient understanding of local sale prices. We have local and global exposure on the Internet, including numerous real estate sites designed specifically for consumers, some of which are ~Sell your Cape Cod home with Unique Properties



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